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Front-End Web Developer

Experienced front-end web developer with a passion for creating engaging user interfaces and optimizing website performance.

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Hi ! I'm Gagandeep

From the moment I produced “Hello World” in the console of my first application, I knew I was hooked into the world of web development. But Web Development has never been “just a job” for me, it’s offered an engaging challenege to continually learn and improve my skills in creating high-quality softwares. What started with simple “Hello World” has become a full fledged passion that only gets more exciting as the years go by...

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Netflix clone using React, Sass, and the TMDB API. It features a vast collection of movies categorized just like Netflix. Users can browse through various genres, watch movie trailers, and utilize the search bar to find specific films.

Tech Stack: HTML5, CSS3, Sass, React, TMdb Api.

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Pronia-Store is an ecommerce project selling a variety of plants, offering a user-friendly interface allowing customers to add products to their cart system with ease, and change the quantity of selected items.

Tech Stack: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Firebase


Earthquake Detection App built using React, Sass, Axios, Firebase, HTML, and the USGS API. This app displays the number of earthquake events that occurred in the past 24 hours. It utilizes colored circle markers on a map to represent the magnitude of each earthquake, distinguishing between low, medium, and high magnitudes.

Tech Stack: React, Axios, Sass, USGS API, Firebase

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